The “cabinet” of bisexual

Nowadays, bisexual dating and threesome dating have gradually been accepted by the society. Whether you like it or not, they are proud to follow the LGBT parade in the street. Some friends are more fraternal. When the gay relationship of men seeking men and women seeking women is just beginning to be accepted, they are more concerned about homosexual relationships. And now that bisexual relationships have become a hot topic in social discussion, they are beginning to care about bisexual issues.

“Will you finally choose to marry and have children?” They often ask bisexuals. The implication is that since you can choose same-sex or opposite sex, then choose the opposite sex.

So the “cabinet” is there, and it seems that it is not there.

The analogy of “cabinet” comes from an article wrote by Stephanie who is bisexual organization R&B founder”Where is the bisexual cabinet?” .Such article Responded to everyone’s question about “out of the cabinet “:“The ‘out of the cabinet” is actually a very vivid word. Everyone may have their own ‘cabinet’. This seemingly invisible cabinet encloses a large number of routine and formal styles, including many ethical standards and trials. Everyone who has different life experiences and forms is forced into the cabinet. It is not easy to take a step out of the cabinet.

Out of the cabinet, in a broader sense, it is a free presentation of different life forms and attitudes. Only those life and voices that allow these rich and diverse without being suppressed and discriminated, walk out of the cabinet, be seen to exist, interact and inspire new ideas, this society is truly respectful and inclusive, suitable for everyone’s survival.

Don’t worry about what is bisexual, whether there is a “cabinet” for bisexual, should not come out of the “cabinet” or not. This “cabinet” in each person’s heart, honestly facing its true existence, may be the basis and recipe for a happy unbiased life. ”

So for me, “getting out of the cabinet” does not mean to publicize your sexual orientation, but to truly face your inner heart and desire.I want to say to this world dividing people to homosexuality and heterosexuality: I am sorry, I am not homosexuality, nor heterosexuality. We embrace the diverse and flowing passions and believe in more possibilities.

Tomorrow, September 23, is a bisexual pride day. I hope that this day belongs to bisexuals.I hope that we can also be seen by others and no longer be defined by others using the binary understanding of straight/bend.

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